Practice tip:  Beware of the L Code.  Consider the timeline you have to file your first FROI form and always err on using the W code or the without liability code to allow ample time to properly investigate the claim. 

          If you are unsure of the extent of liability for a claim, Workers’ Compensation Law §21-a allows you to make temporary payments for compensation without prejudice and payments for prescribed medication for up to one year without admitting liability.  WCL §21-a[1]

          As of July 17, 2014, an eClaims process for WCL §21-a claims was implemented, which essentially extends the time to investigate the claim to determine whether a carrier will accept or deny a claim made in accordance with Subject No. 046-696 Notice Requirements for eClaims and WCL §21-a.

          On or after January 1, 2019, carriers are required to indicate whether benefits are being paid with liability (L) and the claim is accepted or paid without liability (W) under WCL §21-a.  These Agreement to Compensate Codes replace the former Claim Type Codes.  When the carrier selects an Agreement to Compensate Code of W on the First Report of Injury (FROI) and/or W Code on the Subsequent Report of Injury (SROI), the carrier is accepting the case/paying without prejudice.  Conversely, selecting the L Code on the FROI or SROI form means that the carrier is accepting the case and paying, with liability.  The Board has developed a process and timeliness incorporating WCL §21-a in eClaims protocol.

          The FROI-00 will likely be the first form filed when using the eClaims process.  Beware that if you hit the L code to accept the claim with liability within the one year timeframe of investigation and then later determine that there is a basis to controvert and deny the claim, your opportunity to do so will be waived. 

Should a claim be modified to rescind establishment of the claim, and remanded to a hearing for further development of the record on issues of causal relationship if a claimant fails to disclose a prior work-related claim to the same body part?  In this example, a FROI-00 accepting liability was filed.  The Board Panel concluded: “The carrier did not make payment without prejudice to preserve its right to controvert the claim; rather, the carrier waited to file a Notice of Controversy…which is untimely. The carrier failed to avail itself of the WCL Section 21-a safeguards and its acceptance of the claim was with prejudice.”

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This information is provided for general guidance only.  This information should not be used as a substitute for consultation with legal counsel.  Each case presents unique facts requiring individual analysis.