Comprehensive New York Workers’ Compensation Legal Services:

Defense of workers’ compensation claims in New York requires a comprehensive approach and an ability to handle a variety of legal issues and procedures.

Experienced attorneys at Gitto & Niefer, LLP handle all aspects of New York workers’ compensation claims and legal services including:

  • initial claim review, analysis and risk management
  • Rocket Docket investigation of controverted claims
  • Certification of Notice of Controversy
  • Preparation of PH 16.2 PreHearing Conference Statements
  • Workers’ Compensation Hearings and Trials virtually statewide or in person locally.
  • Preparation of IME cover letters and recommendations for IME’s
  • Depositions
  • Memoranda of Law
  • All aspects of appeals and rebuttals including appeals to Appellate Division, Third Department and Court of Appeals
  • Section 32 settlement evaluations, negotiations and agreements
  • Calculation and Preparation of Medicare Set Asides (MSA’s) and submission for CMS approval in more efficient and cost effective manner than national vendors
  • Third party lien offset management and negotiation, including loss transfer claims
  • Social Security Disability
  • Section 120 discrimination cases
  • Interpretation and analysis of new legislation and regulations

    **** Including New York State Paid Family Leave****

Partners in our group have experience in bringing precedent setting cases to the appellate level on issues of statewide concern in New York. Our focus is on handling a high volume of cases efficiently and effectively. Our work is primarily on behalf of self-insured employers and insurance carriers. Lawyers are accessible to assist with claim-handling strategy.